Here's a small selection of images from my portfolio. Some are as shot and some have been treated in Photoshop, usually for magazine articles. Click on the thumbnails for a closer look.

If there's anything here you'd like to buy, or have a location photo assignment forthcoming, do get in touch. And if you've need of photographic technique and imaging technology articles, or wish to commission Photoshop tutorials, please contact me for rates.

I'm also equipped to produce high-quality screen-capture video tutorials, with narratives, examples of which you'll find in the Journalism section of this website.

United Kingdom

Burgh Island, Devon
The Tube
Excel, London
Sea tractor, Devon Scottish hotel My local, Devon


St Petersburg church St Basil's, Moscow Mamaev Kurgan
Kremlin cathedral Eternal flame Kremlin, Moscow - wide


Reaktor, Visaginas Lithuanian flag Memorial, Vilnius
Theatre, Vilnius Mindaugas, Vilnius Shop, Visaginas


Parthenon repairs Country path, Sifnos City night, Athens
Coastal chapel, Sifnos Street scene, Sifnos Harbour night, Piraeus


Rock god Ukrainka Wedding dance
Kerrang! Litovka Cool beer


Sadie What's next? Long-eared squirrel
Donald Aki Horses


Tackle Throw Sponge
Leap Dive Goal


National service, Russia Cleansing, Cambs Binge drinking, Devon
Waiting, Lithuania Stiltwalker, Cambs Need water, Mallorca

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