...to my website. I am a freelance journalist, photographer and musician/producer working out of the Midlands, England. My current list of clients can be seen at left. You’ll notice it comprises technology-orientated consumer/specialist magazines, although I have NCTJ training and a background in newspapers. Hence I’m adept at authoring news and lifestyle articles, along with interviews and comment columns.

If you need a technology-literate journalist with more than 20 years' writing and editing experience, or are seeking an editorial consultant to collaborate on a new publishing venture, I can help. Also, if you are outsourcing a photojournalism assignment, or require original music or audio-production services, feel free to email me.

Meantime, please view and hear my work via the links at left and see the endorsements below. I’ll be adding to this website as time and new material allow, so please come back and check for updates.

Paul Mac | Editor In Chief | Audio Media
“Karl is not afraid to put in extra research over and above the commission. Nor is he afraid of tight deadlines - two phobias that seem to afflict too many writers. Give him something to do and he'll get back to you with something he's done properly - not something that simply ticks boxes.”

Suzette Troche-Stapp | Photographer/author |
NAPP Photoshop Guru

“Superb, smart and professional, working with Karl Foster is an honour and a pleasure. The end result of our collaborations has been nothing short of fantastic. I’m always thrilled to work with Karl on whatever project comes his way.” Glitterguru.com

Colin Smith | Photoshop expert/author |
PWC Photoshop Guru

“Karl has always been a pleasure to work with, his turnaround is very fast and he gets back to you right away. He is one of the best writers I have worked with, and I have worked with a lot! Pixeloverload.com Photoshopcafe.com

Marcus Dyson | CEO of eleventeenth & SPOnG.com
“I have worked with Karl in several capacities, as an editor for whom he was a contributor, as a writer whose work he subbed, and as a contributor when he was my commissioning editor. Karl is an extremely experienced writer, sub-editor and editor. Of the many I have worked with, he is among the very best. He is erudite, eloquent and assiduous.”



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